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Thatcham Good Life is a group of people living in or around Thatcham in West Berkshire who are concerned about the warming of the planet due to CO2 emissions. We recognise that current CO2 emission levels are mainly caused by humans, especially those living in the West. We support the call by leading scientists and charities for the UK and other western governments to commit to a reduction from 1990 levels of CO2 emissions (and equivalent gases like methane) by 80% by 2050.

We understand that a reduction of such a size will only be achieved by a significant change in lifestyles, and we believe that such a change can be a force for good within our community. Society has become increasingly materialistic, but there is no evidence that as a whole we have increased our happiness since the 1950s. In fact, with the pressures and stresses of modern life, the reverse may be true. Although we want to see CO2 emissions cut, we believe in the exploitation of energy technologies that are not based on fossil fuels so that we can continue to use energy where it is of real benefit to our lives. We also recognise that everyone has a right to meet their basic needs for shelter, food, security and a satisfactory quality of life, and that even in western economies those on low incomes should not be asked to make material sacrifices in proportion to those who are more fortunate.

Our approach to solving the problem of climate change is based on three areas of activity:

Outreach. This is the process of helping people to become aware of the problem created by CO2 emissions. It requires communication with individuals, local groups and clubs, local schools, religious institutions, employers and local business organisations. In all cases the awareness process must include a way forward for those who want to join the group, to enable them to find their own way to address the problem of climate change. See the Greening Thatcham page.

Lifestyle Change. This work involves looking at how our lifestyles might have to change to meet the 80% reduction in CO2 emission levels. We will work with other groups who have similar interests to develop a model way of living in a community less dependent on carbon fuels, and to develop and implement an energy descent plan for the area. This change will be in economic, social, spiritual and artistic areas, amongst others, and we will work with all groups who have the same goal.

Communication and Campaigning. We cannot achieve our goal by solely making changes in our own personal and local lives. We must engage the rest of the national and international communities. Work in this area includes lobbying of politicians at local, national and European levels and supporting national organisations, especially charities, with similar objectives. It includes taking a view on technologies which will assist with the switch away from carbon, and lobbying for R&D funds to be made available to those working on them.

Anyone who shares our concerns is welcome to join us. Please click here to  contact us  and you will be added to our circulation list and invited to our meetings.