Thatcham Good Life

Greening Thatcham - Update - September 2010

The Greening Thatcham campaign was lanched in May 2010.  The launch was supported by local groups including Thatcham Park School, Kennet School, Brownies, Scouts, Girl Guides, St Mary's Church and the BeAt youth group.   During the two weeks after the launch our volunteers delivered a Greening Thatcham challenge card to every house in Thatcham . The card contained 8 simple challenges. Householders were invited to do 5 or more and to display the card in their window.

During late June and early July the volunteers revisited the streets where they had delivered and count the number of cards displayed.  The total result was 217 cards counted which translates to CO2 savings of 145,077 kg, water saving of 221,751 litres and a financial saving of £26,928.

Well done to everyone who took part, and especially to all the volunteers.The Greening Thatcham project will now enter Phase2, so look out for further announcements.