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Travel - the alternatives

Walking or Cycling

Cycling and particularly walking are sustainable ways of travel, providing free exercise on your way to another goal. Both are real alternatives to the car as more than a quarter of all car journeys are less than 2 miles long.

To find out more about walking or cycling visit:
West Berks council website: cycling in West Berkshire including Newbury and Thatcham cycle routes
West Berks Council website: walking strategy including Thatcham walking maps

Taking the bus

Buses run regularly between Thatcham and Newbury (up to every 15 minutes), Thatcham and Reading (up to every 30 mins) and to other local locations. There are 2 bus companies operating in the Thatcham area (Newbury buses and Weavaway Travel).

For routes, timetables and more information: visit the public transport pages at West Berks Council website or Newbury buses website.

Taking the train

Trains run regularly between Thatcham and Newbury and Thatcham and Reading, the journey is quicker than that by car (7 minutes by train from Thatcham to Newbury and 22 minutes from Thatcham to Reading) and you travel alongside the attractive Kennet and Avon Canal and get a bit of exercise at each end.
For train timetables, live train departures and more, visit National Rail Enquiries website..

If you have a 3G Vodafone mobile phone, you can also get train timetables and live train departures on your phone, so you can stay informed while out and about.

Share a lift

If your commute is not practical by bike, bus or train, there is still the option to share a lift for all or some of your commute. provides a directory of UK carsharing sites, and has 478 lift share journeys registered in the Thatcham area! Another site Journey2share is promoted by New Greenham Park.

Reduce your CO2 when travelling

To find out about what else you can do to reduce your travel carbon footprint and save money, visit National Energy Foundations - Eco Travelling